Get Rolling with Bowling

It seems like everybody these days is talking about staying fit. While exercise every single day is a brilliant idea, who really does it? Most people will tell you that when they exercise, they want to have fun. Most people exercise best when they enjoy what they are doing. Some will even say that they don’t actually realise they are exercising because they’re having so much fun. A great way to get in some exercise and have fun at the same time is to go bowling.

Getting Started

If you have never been bowling before, stepping foot into a bowling centre might seem scary. What should you expect? Well, first of all, it isn’t scary at all. When you walk in, you will see lanes and in the end, there will be bowling pins. There should be a counter on your right or left where you can rent shoes. The shoes are special bowling shoes that slide easily on the wood surface. That helps you to get your ball going quickly. Definitely get a pair of bowling shoes. Once you’ve laced up your shoes and selected the lane that you want to bowl at, it’s time to pick up the bowling ball.

Usually, bowling alleys offer two options. You can bowl with big balls or you can give it a try with small balls. If you’re just starting out, try the small balls first. When you are ready to bowl, you’ll want to hold the ball in both hands, step up to the line at the beginning of the lane, spread your legs shoulder distance apart, then swing your hands down between your knees and throw the ball down the middle of the lane. The goal is to get the ball to knock down the pins. Really good bowlers are able to knock down all the pins. That is called a strike.

Now you know how to bowl. Repeat this, and your first turn is over. When you get more comfortable, you can give it a go with one hand. You can now enjoy bowling as a new, fun exercise!

Have you bowled before? Want a free game of bowling?

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