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Fun Things to Do at a Bowling Centre Besides Bowling

Sometimes you might not feel like bowling, but your friends or family want to, so you get brought along anyway. Spending time with your loved ones might trump your desire to go elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Many of the bowling centres you see nowadays offer a whole lot […]

The Top Health Benefits of Going Bowling

Bowling is a great way to get active, meet new people, and have fun on the town, but you might wonder how much exercise it offers. With millions of people visiting bowling centres every year, it’s a good question. The truth is that whether you bowl casually for fun or are on a professional team, […]

The Best Defensive Techniques for Laser Tag

There’s nothing quite like hitting the laser tag arena at your local bowling centre to take down the other team with shot after shot. However, it can also be exciting to help your team win without offensive play. Playing defensively is the key to preventing the other team from winning by getting shots on you […]

The Absolute Basics of Bowling

So, you have decided to spend some time at the local bowling centre, and you want to try bowling for the first time. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. This is a sport that people of all ages can enjoy as a casual or competitive sport. We’ll walk you through the basics of tossing […]

Laser Tag and Attack Strategies to Win

When playing laser tag at the local bowling centre, you’re going to have times of playing defence and others when you’re the one attacking the other team. There are specific strategies you can put into place if you want to stay on the attack and get tons of points for your team. Below, we’ll share […]

Hosting an Amazing Birthday Party at a Bowling Centre

Are you looking to create a fun and unique birthday party that your child will never forget? Sure, there are plenty of options for themes you can do at home, but maybe you prefer a venue for hosting dozens of kids and parents in your home. A bowling party is a great choice that is […]

Exciting Things You Can Do at a Bowling Centre Besides Bowling

Bowling can be a whole lot of fun, but not everyone enjoys doing it day in and day out. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy time at the local bowling centre without tossing a ball down the lane, there are tons of options you may not be aware of. Whether you like physical […]

Bowling Tips to Up Your Game

Just as with any other sport or activity, it takes time and practice to get good at bowling. However, there are basic tips you can use to improve your game and win games against your friends and family members. If you’re ready to start killing it on the lane, some of the tips below are […]

Great Reasons to Go Bowling on Valentine’s Day

Great Reasons to Go Bowling on Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is a time characterised by boxes of chocolate, bouquets of roses, and cards that profess your love to your significant other. While lots of people spend the evening in a restaurant with all the other love birds, that might not be the right environment for […]

What to Know When Planning a Thirteenth Birthday Party

If you have an almost-thirteen-year-old in your home, hosting a birthday party can be a challenging prospect. Your child is growing older and is about to be a teenager, which means they probably have many thoughts about what sort of party they would like to have. Turning 13 is a huge milestone and something that […]

Why the Bowling Centre is the Perfect Spot for a Teen Birthday Party

With a child who is in their teen years, it can be more difficult to come up with the right theme for a birthday party. For a younger child, having some party bags, cake, and a game or two can do the job. A teenager might want something a bit flashier and having their party […]

Tips for Hosting a Science Themed Birthday Party

Do you have a budding scientist in the house? If so, there’s nothing like a science-themed birthday party to blow their socks off on the special day. You can have a party for the little girl or boy at your home or pick an exciting venue like a bowling centre with laser tag so the […]

Try Something Different and Bowl the New Year In

Try Something Different and Bowl the New Year In There are a few specific things that a lot of people choose to do when it comes time to ring in the New Year. Some people reserve a spot at a pub or restaurant to party with family and friends. Others go to a friend’s house […]

Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Child’s Birthday Party

Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Child’s Birthday Party While it can be a lot of fun to host a child’s birthday party, there’s a lot of planning that must go into it as well. Thankfully, there are many resources out there to inspire ideas for making the party one that will really shine. If […]

Christmas Party Ideas You Can Incorporate into a Trip to the Bowling Centre

Christmas Party Ideas You Can Incorporate into a Trip to the Bowling Centre Christmastime is often filled with activities and travelling, not to mention all the parties that tend to crop up during the holiday season. If you’re hosting a party and want to make the most of it, we have some Christmas party ideas […]

Tips for Winning a Game of Laser Tag

Tips for Winning a Game of Laser Tag If you are heading to your first game of laser tag at the local bowling alley, you may be wondering how you can make it look like you’re a professional. While you aren’t going to be an expert just by reading a few tips, it can certainly […]

Throwing an Incredible Pirate Party for Kids

If you’re looking for an amazing idea for a birthday party that lets your child show off their adventurous side, a pirate themed party might be right for your little one. The best thing about this theme is that you have tons of options available to you. You can add fun touches that the children […]

The Bowling Centre Might Be Ideal for Your Child’s Birthday Party

You might think a bowling birthday party is better for a tween or teen, but it can be a lot of fun for a younger child, as well. In fact, there are a ton of reasons why you should consider a bowling alley for your child’s birthday. Sometimes the hassle of planning an entire party […]

The Basics of Laser Tag: What You Need to Know

If you’re familiar with air soft or paintball, laser tag is fairly similar to both. However, it’s a lot safer and doesn’t leave you covered in paint at the end of the day. There’s no need for special safety equipment since you don’t actually shoot projectiles at other people. Instead, safe laser beams are used […]

Selecting the Perfect Venue for a Child’s Birthday Party

When you have a baby or even a toddler, choosing a venue for a birthday party is fairly simple. You host at home or pick somewhere the parents want to go. However, when the kids grow up a little, the activities at the party should be focused on the child and their interests. However, that […]

Fun Things to Do at a Bowling Centre Besides Bowling

Sometimes you might not feel like bowling, but your friends or family want to, so you get brought along anyway. Spending time with your loved ones might trump your desire to go elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Many of the bowling centres you see nowadays offer a whole lot […]

How to Have a Spooktastic Time Bowling on Halloween

How to Have a Spooktastic Time Bowling on Halloween Boo! Halloween is coming and those tricks and treats are right around the corner. If you want to host a fun Halloween party but make it a little more unique, we have a fantastic idea. Why not host your Halloween shindig at the local bowling centre? […]

Planning the Right Birthday Party by Age

The reality is that what makes a fantastic party for a one year old is a lot different from the ideal party for a three-year-old, five-year-old, or six-year-old. If your child has a birthday coming up soon and aren’t sure what to focus your energy on, we have the answers. We’ll share a few tips […]

Surprising Benefits to Playing Video Games

If you spend any time at the local bowling alley, you probably know that video games are often a part of the experience. Many of these venues have exciting devices that take advantage of the newest technology to give you an immersive experience you may not find at home. Playing those games can be a […]

How to Throw the Best Bowling Birthday Party Ever

If you are looking to throw a birthday party that your daughter or son will remember for months to come, a bowling party might be just the right thing for you. Bowling parties are inexpensive but can be a lot of fun. You don’t have to do most of the planning and can instead focus […]

How To Choose The Right Bowling Ball For You

When it comes to choosing the right ball, bowling is like home maintenance. Nothing beats having the right tool for the job. Without a ball that’s just right, you’re going to struggle. You may be able to overcome some of the struggle well enough to have some really good games, but bowling well will actually […]

How To Eat At A Bowling Centre Without Breaking Your Diet

Maintaining Your Diet While Bowling There is so much fun to be had while bowling that many people don’t care whether the pastime is congruent with their diets. For those and everyone else, there is good news: bowling and maintaining a diet can and do go hand-in-hand. The Foods You Want It obviously depends on […]

Reasons to Try Laser Tag at Least Once

If you have never considered playing a game of laser tag, today is the day you could change your mind. This game is popular and exciting for all the right reasons. It’s also a super safe competition game that will get your blood pumping. The equipment is minimal, and the game is easy to learn […]

The Many Benefits of Playing Pool

While many people consider pool a casual game that can be found in pubs and bowling centres, there are several benefits to choosing this hobby. It can help keep you mentally agile while even improving your physical health. This may not be why you play pool, but it certainly adds another aspect to the next […]

How to Ensure Baby’s First Birthday is a Huge Hit

With a child who is just turning one, you might be stressing about planning the first birthday party. What you need to keep in mind is that for a child that small, there’s no need for everything to be perfect. The child isn’t going to care about a theme or which guests show up, which […]

Bowling is the Perfect Back to School Activity

Bowling is the Perfect Back to School Activity With back to school coming up, the kids are about to be super busy. The lazy days of summer are coming to an end only to bring long hours in class, homework, and other activities. When the kids are at school all day, it’s easy to forget […]

Make Bank Holidays a Blast with a Bit of Bowling

Make Bank Holidays a Blast with a Bit of Bowling Bank holidays have the unique ability to offer a day off from work and school, but it can sometimes be frustrating that most businesses have closed doors. However, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a bank holiday outside of the house as long […]

Laser Tag Strategies to Help You Win Games

Looking for the Best Laser Tag Strategies? Laser Tag Strategies:  What Colors and Layers to Wear Wear dark-coloured clothes. Light colours will make you stand out and turn you into an easier target. (Hopefully, your dandruff won’t show up as tiny little flakes in the UV lights!) Wear comfortable shoes – ladies, that means no […]

Host Etiquette When Throwing a Child’s Birthday Party

One of the most exciting celebrations parents get to be a part of is hosting their children’s birthday parties. Kids can find their birthday more important and exciting than even holidays. It happens only once a year, so parents enjoy making it a special occasion. However, certain etiquette applies when hosting a birthday party and […]

Why You Should Try Virtual Reality Video Games

If you visit a space that offers virtual reality experiences, you may be wondering if it’s something you should try. The truth is that virtual reality is everywhere now. You’ll see it in places like bowling alleys, arcades, and other entertainment venues. It’s also an exciting technology that can offer a lot more than you […]

Why Putting A Spin On The Ball Can Be Effective

When you first started bowling—or if you’re still relatively new to the sport—your most likely try to send the ball directly down the middle of the lane. This makes sense and can be a very effective way of bowling a strike. However, a hook shot, which involves spinning the ball to make it “hook” or […]

How Laser Tag Can Be a Positive Experience for Kids

Do you have a kid who isn’t really into sports? Maybe they aren’t the most active child and they prefer playing games on their computer to heading outdoors, but you want to get them immersed in something that moves their bodies. Laser tag is an inexpensive option that kids love and it’s often available at […]

How to Aim Your Bowling Ball

You don’t want to wait until you have impressive aiming skills before you start thinking about where you want to put the bowling ball in relation to the pins. In fact, having a specific spot can help you diagnose issues with your swing and delivery. The big question is this: Where should you be trying […]

Helpful Ideas to Throw a Birthday Party for a Tween

Throwing a party for your younger children may be a breeze, but when they get a little bit older, it can get complicated quickly. Deciding on a theme, a venue, and who to add to the guest list can be challenging. You may need a little more help to throw a party that is sure […]

Bowling is the Perfect Family Activity at the End of the School Year

Bowling is the Perfect Family Activity at the End of the School Year When the end of the school year comes around, parents start to stress about how to keep their kids active and entertained until the start of the next school year begins. While some kids have sports and others have camp, there are […]

Excellent Reasons to Bowl the Summer Away

Excellent Reasons to Bowl the Summer Away Summer is a season that many people romanticise and can’t wait for every year. However, once summer is actually upon you, you start to remember how much there is to worry about. Sunburns, bugs, and kids with lots of free time can lead to some amount of chaos […]

Why You Should Take Your Dad Bowling on Father’s Day

Take Your Dad Bowling on Father’s Day With Father’s Day coming up soon, you may be mulling around ideas for what to do for dear day to make the occasion a special one. While you could buy him a new tie or a gadget, something that dad might love more than a present is an […]

The Effect of Ball Speed in Bowling

Bowling is at once a sport of grace and abrupt series of crashes. The two actually go hand-in-hand, however. As we will discuss, the more graceful your bowling form, the more speed—and more important, consistent speed—you’re going to be able to generate. We will focus, however, on the effect of speed on your bowling. The […]

Why Bowling Before Exams Can Help You Succeed

Why Bowling Before Exams Can Help Bowling might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to getting a bit of stress relief before exams, but it actually has a ton of benefits that can help you get better marks. Most students are cooped up with books the week before exams, but […]

Playing Irish Pool For Beginners

If you’re headed to the bowling centre soon, you may be curious about playing pool. It’s an exciting game that can be super challenging and a lot of fun for people young and old. If you have never played pool, knowing the basics of the game will make your first game a lot easier. We’ll […]

The Differences Between Candlepin and Ten Pin Bowling

Candlepin bowling, in some communities, is like the neglected stepchild of bowling. However, there are many people who actually prefer it to ten pin or “regular” bowling. Here are some of the similarities and differences. What They Have in Common First of all, to differentiate between the two by calling one “ten pin” is a […]

Great Themes and Ideas for Your Kiddo’s Next Birthday Party

When it comes time to start planning for your young child’s birthday party, you want to make sure you do things right. Your kid has been waiting all year to celebrate another year and it’s important to make things exciting and fun. There are tons of themes to choose from and it can be difficult […]

What A Bowling Ball Is Made Of – Inside, Outside, Reasons Why Materials Are Chosen, etc.

How are Bowling Balls Made Bowling balls have historically been made out of a very hard wood called Lignum vitea. In 1905 the first rubber bowling ball was produced. After this, rubber balls dominated the industry. No matter what center you went to you would find rubber balls. That lasted until the 70s. Then a […]

Celebrate Easter With the Kids at a Bowling Centre

Easter With the Kids at a Bowling Centre If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do on Easter, you probably want to choose an activity that people of all ages can participate in. The holidays are the best time to get together with family and friends to have a good time, but you […]

Throwing a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Everyone wants to throw a fun and exciting birthday party for their child, but sometimes finances can make that more difficult than normal. Don’t worry, though. There are many ways to pull off a party your child and the guests will love without spending everything in your bank account. We have some great tips to […]

The General History Of Bowling As A Sport

Bowling has been around for a long time. It is a sport loved by many and it has appeal to all age ranges. But very few people actually know where bowling came from, where it originated. Bowling’s Beginnings Bowling’s earliest beginnings go all the way back to ancient Egypt. Balls were using husks of grains […]

Tips for Hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party Without the Stress

There is no reason that planning your child’s next birthday party has to be stressful or overwhelming. However, it can end up that way if you wait too long to decide on the details. We want to ensure you have fun during the planning phase of the party, as well as the party itself. These […]

How to Get a Higher Bowling Score

Whether you’re good or bad, bowling is a lot of fun. But let’s face it, getting more points means having a better time. Here are some ways you can get closer to that perfect 300 score.

7 Best Reasons to go, Bowling,

Bowling is a fun, competitive activity. It is great for a first date, group activity or party. There are actually a lot more reasons why you should go bowling more often. Here are our top ones.

The Best Bowling Movies of All Time

Bowling has been deeply woven into the Western cultural fabric for decades. Perhaps there’s something about the combination of skill and chance that makes success in the lanes connect with how we see our own potential as people.

Have More Fun Exercising with Bowling

Exercise, regardless of which gym you go to or which class you take, can sometimes get a little predictable. When exercise starts to get stale, it loses its appeal, and then you start to lose interest.

Fun Facts About Bowling

Bowling has been around for a long time but just how long? Well, according to the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, a British anthropologist found evidence of items related to bowling in a grave in Egypt.

Planning the Perfect Kids Birthday Party

Planning any party can be a huge headache if you aren’t prepared. It can be a big undertaking and cause a lot of stress. What can you do to make the process less painful?

How to Run a Fundraiser

A fundraising event is an exciting way to gather supporters and inspire them to raise money for a cause they care about.

Corporate Night Checklist

Are you having or organising a corporate event? Do you need some help locating a place and finalising details? There are a lot of important things to remember when planning a corporate night out. Here are some things to keep in mind.

A Kid-Friendly Bowling Centre: The Ultimate Fun Solution

As a kid, most everyone who bowled had a love/hate relationship with bowling. There was nothing sweeter in the universe than bowling that perfect strike—and there was no lower point in your existence than throwing that perfectly imperfect gutter ball.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Birthday Party at a Play Centre

As a mom, you may be considering the best way to throw a birthday party. Many moms opt to use a play centre as their venue of choice.

Can Bowling Get You Fit

Bowling for Exercise Bowling is commonly known as an activity you can do to have fun, but many do not realise it is an activity that is considered exercise.

Best Bowling Team Name

Whether it is Oddballs, X-Men, Alley Cats or Pin Pals, choosing a team name for your bowling squad may be more difficult than just combining the first letters of each teammates’ name.

A Bowling Centre is a One Stop Shop for Fun

Make Everyone Happy – Go Bowling! With so many different choices for entertainment, it can be hard to please everyone, especially if you are with a group.

Bowling for A First Date – 5 Reasons to Do It

Bowling is a great idea for a fun first date. Unlike the more traditional first dates like going to the movies or going out to dinner, bowling allows you to interact with your date in a few different ways.

Get Rolling with Bowling

It seems like everybody these days is talking about staying fit. While exercise every single day is a brilliant idea, who really does it? Most people will tell you that when they exercise, they want to have fun.

Planning a Perfect Corporate Night Out

When it’s time for you and your co-workers to go out and have a good time, you want to make sure everyone has an absolutely smashing time.

A Bowling Centre: The Place for Fun

Are you looking for a different experience? Want to find a place where the whole family can have a good time? For some, bowling was something they did as a child and they don’t really see it as something for adults.

The Health Benefits of Bowling

Looking for a way to spice up your workout routine? Exercise is a good way to stay healthy and feel great. Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated.


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