The Differences Between Candlepin and Ten Pin Bowling

Candlepin bowling, in some communities, is like the neglected stepchild of bowling. However, there are many people who actually prefer it to ten pin or “regular” bowling. Here are some of the similarities and differences.

What They Have in Common

First of all, to differentiate between the two by calling one “ten pin” is a bit misleading. Both types of bowling utilize ten pins. This is the primary similarity between the two.

Some of the Differences

In candlepin bowling, not only is the ball smaller and the pins thinner, there are some key differences in the rules. The biggest is perhaps the fact that you can bowl three times in one frame. This allows you more chances to try to get a spare if you don’t bowl a strike on the first roll.

You also get another advantage when it comes to the pins. After bowling, the pins that are knocked down can be left right there in the lane. This means you can aim for a downed pin and use that to help you knock down those that are still standing.

Another big difference is in the way you go about deciding when to bowl your ball. In ten pin bowling, you have to wait until your ball is rolled back up to you. In candlepin bowling, this is not the case. You just have to decide when you want to bowl next and you can then simply grab whatever ball is available.

It is possible to use this to your advantage. One way is to try to benefit from the pins that are left in the lane. If one of them is moving, you can take advantage of that and strike it when it’s in the best possible position. Not having to wait can make this possible.

There are a lot of different ways the two types of bowling differ, particularly in strategy. Your best bet is to try both and enjoy each for the great fun they provide.

Great Themes and Ideas for Your Kiddo’s Next Birthday Party

When it comes time to start planning for your young child’s birthday party, you want to make sure you do things right. Your kid has been waiting all year to celebrate another year and it’s important to make things exciting and fun. There are tons of themes to choose from and it can be difficult to narrow them down. We’ll share a few that are especially interesting, and you can decide which best fits your child and their personality and interests.

Mermaid Birthday Party

While the Little Mermaid came out decades ago, mermaids have never been more in favour than today. You can easily set up some decorations like plastic shells and fish to immediately bring everyone into the feel. One great idea that can be a lot of fun is transforming rock candy into tasty coral for the kids to eat. You can also put grapes on long sticks to make something that looks like seaweed.

Lego Birthday Party

Kids of all ages and every gender enjoy playing with Legos. It’s also super easy to turn into a theme for a little one’s birthday party. You can get moulds to make chocolate toppers that look like Lego bricks for your cupcakes. Use Lego trays to hold food and have lots of the building blocks themselves for an activity. If you have older kids, you could even have a building contest.

Bowling Birthday Party

Have a kid who is a budding athlete? One of the best options is renting a party at a bowling centre. Not only will the kids have a blast, but you won’t have to plan every second of the affair. Even kids that aren’t into bowling can try out laser tag or sit and munch on bowling centre snacks. The best part is that you can bring a cake of your choosing and turn the bowling centre into the theme you want without all the hassle.

Cars Birthday Party

Everyone loves cars, especially little boys who enjoy smashing the matchbox version into each other. The party grab bags are easily made with a couple of cars and some snacks the birthday boy enjoys. Pop those tiny toy cars around the edge of the cake or as toppers on the cupcakes. If you prefer edible ones, you can use a simple mould and some chocolate. Make fun invitations shaped like race cars to get the guests excited to show up.

These are just a few of the ideas that work well for a young child’s birthday party. Remember that you can avoid the mess and some of the planning by holding your party at a bowling centre. You’ll get to enjoy the fun instead of rushing around the entire party.

What A Bowling Ball Is Made Of – Inside, Outside, Reasons Why Materials Are Chosen, etc.

How are Bowling Balls Made

Bowling balls have historically been made out of a very hard wood called Lignum vitea. In 1905 the first rubber bowling ball was produced. After this, rubber balls dominated the industry. No matter what center you went to you would find rubber balls. That lasted until the 70s. Then a new material came on the scene, polyester. In the 80s yet another material became popular, urethane. Then around 1990 there was a big change in the design of bowling balls. The design of the ball cores. The cores were dense bocks inside of the ball that affects the ball’s balance.

A material called reactive urethane was introduced as a new product for a surface layer. This new material was coupled with new innovative core designs. This combination changed the sport drastically. Once the reactive balls were introduced, the first full winter season saw an increase of perfect games by 20%.

Some core shapes are a light bulb, spherical, and elliptical. There is also a method called combination cores where one core of a specific shape and density is within a second core with a specific shape and density. Cores are made by adding a heavy substance like bismuth, graphite or barium to a resin or ceramic to make the core very dense. A ceramic core is said to produce harder hitting balls because the ceramic does not absorb any energy by that part of the core.

Final stages of ball creation are to confirm the ball is the right size, sand the ball to the desired texture and then box it and ship it. The process of making a bowling ball is complex in its own right. The combination of a dense core and rock solid surface layer help to make a great bowling ball.

Celebrate Easter With the Kids at a Bowling Centre

Easter With the Kids at a Bowling Centre

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do on Easter, you probably want to choose an activity that people of all ages can participate in. The holidays are the best time to get together with family and friends to have a good time, but you don’t have to do the same thing you do every year. Instead, why not find a popular bowling centre and bowl the day away?

No Age Limits

Sometimes, finding a location for the whole family on Easter can be a problem if the activities you want to take part in have an age limit. That isn’t the case when you go with bowling. Everyone from the young kids to the great grandparents can have a fun time and spend it with the people they love the most. Even those who may not be big on bowling can try some of the other activities at places like the Planet.

Food & Drink Available

Every bowling centre offers a selection of food and drinks and you can expect something to fit the taste of everyone in your group. The kids can enjoy chicken nuggets or sausages with chips and soda while the adults can choose something a bit more sophisticated. The best part is that you aren’t responsible for cooking and the prices on meals are inexpensive.

Long Opening Hours

Whether you want to bowl in the morning, afternoon, or evening, bowling centres are available for you. Many of these bowling facilities open early and close late so you can bowl according to your schedule. If you have a few hours in between other Easter activities, stop in and bowl a few rounds with your family and friends. Check opening hours here. ( link to each location)

No Need to Plan

If you suddenly find yourself needing to plan Easter activities, that’s no problem. Bowling centres are typically open to taking groups on a walk-in basis, so you can get up and go. Make a quick phone call before you leave if you’re concerned that the bowling centre will be too full. Someone will be happy to let you know what your options are. It’s a lot easier than planning out something at home or another venue.

Bowling is a fun activity, even on holidays. Adults, teens, and kids alike will enjoy rolling their balls down the lane. You can even make teams and compete with kids against adults. The Planet is a great place to spend Easter and we’d love to make your holiday a true success.

Throwing a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Everyone wants to throw a fun and exciting birthday party for their child, but sometimes finances can make that more difficult than normal. Don’t worry, though. There are many ways to pull off a party your child and the guests will love without spending everything in your bank account. We have some great tips to take some of the pressure off you while helping you pull off a brilliant party for your child.


Think About Time of Day


If you want to plan your party at a time when you won’t be expected to provide a full meal for the guests, try to host it in the early afternoon. Make it past the normal time people grab lunch but before dinner time usually starts. This means that you can get by providing a few snacks instead of having to spend a ton of money on a huge meal that will cut into your budget.


Do Your Planning Early


For those who plan to have lots of party essentials like tableware, balloons, or even pinatas, you might want to start planning the party early. When you have extra time to shop around, you can get some great discounts and sales on all the things you need the most. If you wait until the last moment, you may end up overpaying for the basics.


Consider Digital Invites


While paper invitations can be fun to design and send out, they are no longer a requirement. If you want to save a bit of money, consider sending out digital invites instead. You can do this via social media or websites that exist solely to offer free digital invites. Sure, you might not save a lot, but everything adds up in the end.


Look at Inexpensive Venues


If you like to have your child’s birthday party outside of your home, there are inexpensive options out there. Call your local bowling centre and find out what sort of party options they offer. Sometimes you can get almost everything you need for a cheap price and you also don’t need to worry about the clean-up. In many cases, you get entertainment, music, food, and staff all for a single price.


Choose Simple Goody Bags


You may think you need to buy all sorts of expensive candies and toys for goody bags, but that simply is not the case. Kids are going to be happy with almost anything. You can grab inexpensive toys at a shop and do the same with large bags of single size candy. Nobody is going to mind, and the kids will be happy all the same.

The General History Of Bowling As A Sport

Bowling has been around for a long time. It is a sport loved by many and it has appeal to all age ranges. But very few people actually know where bowling came from, where it originated.

Bowling’s Beginnings

Bowling’s earliest beginnings go all the way back to ancient Egypt. Balls were using husks of grains that were then covered in a material like leather. Then it was bound together with string. Additional balls made of porcelain have been found as well.

Around 2,000 years ago evidence was found in the roman empire a very similar game was discovered where stone objects were thrown as close to other stone objects. This eventually turned into what we know today as Bocce, or outdoor bowling.

In 1819 there was a painting depicting British bowlers playing a bowling sport outside. There is a triangle formation of ten pins. Then in 1819 there is a mention of ninepin bowling in American literature. In 1848 the Revolutions of 1848 quickened the pace of Germans moving to America. With them they brought their affection for beer and bowling.

In 1875 the National Bowling Association was founded by 27 clubs in New York City. This association standardized the rules for ten-pin bowling including the ball size, distance between the foul line and the pins. In 1895 it was superseded by the American Bowling Congress.

In 1903 the English Bowling Association and in 2008 they joined the English Women’s Bowling Association forming Bowls England. In 1909 the first ten-pin bowling centre was opened in Europe in Sweden however the rest of Europe did not adopt the game until after World War II. On September 18, 1988 the summer Olympics in South Korea featured ten-pin bowling. Bowling has a very rich history and has grown so much in world wide popularity.

Tips for Hosting a Kid’s Birthday Party Without the Stress

There is no reason that planning your child’s next birthday party has to be stressful or overwhelming. However, it can end up that way if you wait too long to decide on the details. We want to ensure you have fun during the planning phase of the party, as well as the party itself. These fun tips we’ve pulled together can help you get things done quickly and without stressing over every detail of the party.

Start Planning Early

If you have a toddler or a child who isn’t yet in school, they may have fewer activities going on. However, for a child who is going to school, you may have to decide on the date of the party while keeping in mind when classes and sports practices are. If you are going to have a small party, get in touch with the guest’s parents to determine what date might work best. If you can give notice of a month or more, that will often make things easier on everyone.

Decide on the Venue

The first thing you want to consider in terms of the venue is whether you want to deal with the mess and clean up involved with a party in your home. When you choose another venue, like a bowling centre, the setup and clean-up are typically provided by the staff, which is one less thing for you to worry about. You might think a home party is cheaper, but that isn’t always the case once you consider entertainment, food, and goody bags.

Base the Party on the Theme

Now that you’ve decided on the basics, it’s time to consider the party theme. Ask your son or daughter what kind of theme they would like the most. This could be anything from a sports theme to a princess theme or a pirate’s theme. After you have a theme lined up, you can easily decide on things like the decorations, goody bags, and birthday cake. Just choose something related to the theme and you can move on to the next thing.

Ask for Help if Needed

While you’re in charge of planning your kid’s party, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy it too. If you ask a friend or family member to help with one aspect of the party, the entire event will be less stressful on you. You deserve to have a good time so book that bowling centre and bowl around while someone else handles the kids.

These tips will help you start planning your party without getting worried over all the details. You can have a great party without getting caught up in every detail. All that matters is that the guests and birthday kid have some fun in the end.

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