Can Bowling Get You Fit

Bowling for Exercise

Bowling is commonly known as an activity you can do to have fun, but many do not realise it is an activity that is considered exercise. The truth is, all sports that require any physical effort take a certain amount of work. Bowling is no different. Bowling is considered an asymmetrical sport. That means that more physical demands are placed on one side of the body than the other. Because of the asymmetry of the motions while bowling, stress is created on several areas the athlete’s body. Oftentimes, injuries are sustained because of improper form or lack of warm-up before a match.

Pre-Bowl Workout

There are workouts you should do before you begin bowling to get the most out of the activity. When muscles are not used, they can tend to stiffen. It is important to warm up these muscles in order to prevent injury. Some examples of stretches are neck stretches, shoulder stretches, side stretches, knee/thigh stretches, forearm extenders, forearm flexors and deep breathing. All of these can help your body loosen up and prepare for your next round of bowling.

Cool Down Exercises

Some great examples of cool down exercises for your arms after a game are arm circles, arm swings, cross body arm stretch and over the head arm stretch. Cool down exercises for the legs are lunges, squats, quad stretches and calf stretches. When you warm up and cool down properly, you reduce the risk of injury to your muscles.

When you include bowling in your workout routine, it can add variety to the way your muscles are used. This helps them to grow stronger and to be more flexible. It also helps improve circulation and overall heart health. Bowling is a great way to help you get fit and stay healthy!

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