How to Have a Spooktastic Time Bowling on Halloween

How to Have a Spooktastic Time Bowling on Halloween

Boo! Halloween is coming and those tricks and treats are right around the corner. If you want to host a fun Halloween party but make it a little more unique, we have a fantastic idea. Why not host your Halloween shindig at the local bowling centre? This might sound like a strange combination, but it can be a lot of fun. We have all the tips you need to ensure your party is remembered long after the spooky season is over.

Dress Up

Halloween is all about the costumes, so it only makes sense to incorporate that into your party. Set a dress code and make your guests come in masks and costumes. You could choose a theme for everyone to work with or make it anything goes. If you want to make it competitive, you could even have a costume contest and give a prize to whoever has the scariest costume at your party. Make it fun and let people know in advance so they can get prepared.

Trick or Treat

While tricks are a part of Halloween, the treats are often the most exciting part. When you visit a bowling centre like The Planet, there are all sorts of great snacks and foods to enjoy over Halloween. There are also beverages so you can hydrate in between your bowling games. You don’t even have to go knocking door to door to fill up before you head home or start another round.

Private Parties

If you’re bringing a crowd, many bowling centres offer special space for private parties. This gives you more The Planet has corporate nights where you and your peers can enjoy American pool, bowling, laser tag, and more. There’s even a bar and finger food so everyone has what they need to have a fantastic spooky Halloween night. There are even 9D movies and the chance to enjoy trying out an Oculus Rift.

The Right Venue

A bowling centre is set up to handle a group of people and with a little bit of notice, you get your own space and all the extras you want. It’s less expensive than renting out a large space and you get the entertainment at the same time. If money is a concern and you prefer to have a fun time for less, bowling is the ultimate option. Food, booze, bowling, and more are sure to make for a night everyone remembers.

The Planet is happy to help you plan the perfect Halloween party. We’ll make sure you and your friends have a night that won’t soon be forgotten. Get in touch with us to learn more about how to get your party booked and have a spooky time at the lanes.

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