Throwing an Incredible Pirate Party for Kids

If you’re looking for an amazing idea for a birthday party that lets your child show off their adventurous side, a pirate themed party might be right for your little one. The best thing about this theme is that you have tons of options available to you. You can add fun touches that the children will love, and the party can easily be transferred to whatever venue you choose for the entertainment and snacks. We’ll give you some tips for throwing the perfect pirate party for a child.

Pirate Themed Decorations

One of the benefits of a pirate-themed birthday part is that it can work outdoors or in an indoor venue. Some of the common colour choices for this type of party are red and black or blue and black. This gives you the chance to incorporate the accent colour into everything you plan. If you want to cover the tables, try a striped cloth for that pirate flair the kids will love. You can also incorporate flags and maps to give that adventure vibe to the birthday party. Fake coins and costume jewellery can also be popped in small chests to make the decorations really pop.

Entertainment and Games

The most appropriate game for a pirate-themed party is a treasure hunt. This is something the adults can have a lot of fun creating. Make a map with clues and let the children go off in teams to see who finds the treasure. This could be something as simple as a treasure chest with chocolate coins, temporary tattoos, and stickers. For those who prefer a party indoors, a venue like a bowling centre makes the entertainment easy. Bowling, laser tag, and soft play will all be incorporated at Planet Cork.

Food and Drinks Done Pirate Style

There are tons of food choices that meet the pirate theme while being tasty for the kids and the adults at the party. You can go with any sort of dessert-like cake pops or Rice Krispy treats and add a flag on top to meet the theme. If your venue offers food, child-friendly options like sausages or chicken nuggets also give off the pirate vibe. Add some cookies and juice and everyone will be happy.

The Perfect Birthday Party Bags

Even if you go with the treasure hunt game, you want to incorporate goody bags, so every child has something to open and enjoy at the party. Things that fit the pirate motif include plastic golden jewellery, bandanas, or even play swords so the kids can feel like a pirate at home.

If your little boy or girl is the adventurous sort or simply loves pirate movies, a pirate party is simple and easy to put together. Make sure to get in touch with your favourite bowling centre to host the party and then bring in what you need to make the party come alive.

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