Bowling Tips to Up Your Game

Just as with any other sport or activity, it takes time and practice to get good at bowling. However, there are basic tips you can use to improve your game and win games against your friends and family members. If you’re ready to start killing it on the lane, some of the tips below are a fantastic spot to start.

Choose the Right Size Ball

On average, the best ball weight for a man is 14 to 15 pounds, while the best size for a female is 11 or 12 pounds. Getting a good fit is more important than the weight, so don’t fuss too much about weight if the ball fits your fingers well.

Use a Relaxed Swing

You might think you should use all your strength on a swing, but that isn’t true. It can result in a slower throw that goes off-centre. Relax your swing by taking a moment to breathe before you take your turn. You want to balance your swing on the approach and be aware of where you want the ball positioning at the outset.

Select the Right Speed

Those who prefer a fast approach should start with the ball between your waist and thigh. This is quicker than going through a full swing. Those who prefer to approach the line more slowly can start with the bowling ball at their chest. This makes the swing longer while you approach.

Wear the Right Bowling Shoes

Having a good pair of shoes can also improve your bowling game. You want well-taken care of shoes that fit well. They should have a smooth sole and be a bit smaller than your regular shoe to be comfortable while bowling.

Using the tips above, you’ll be sure to improve your bowling game. Try one tip and see how it works for you before incorporating others. In no time, you will be bowling like you were born to and beating all your friends on the lane.


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